In the roadmap to implement its vision, the foundation seeks to host activities in various physical facilities that kids and families can visit to inspire their passion and curiousity in science. There are many steps along the path toward completing an endeavor of this scale. The foundation will focus on implementing a few value-creation projects in the community in the first phase, so that it can develop credibility, partnerships and community involvement.

Contact us to get involved with sponsoring or volunteering for one of the value-creation projects.  Some examples of these value-creation projects are as follows:

Cascades Science Squad

Status: In Operation




Community hands-on exploration science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) events hosted for various age-ranges in local venues such as libraries, community centers, schools and partner organizations.  Younger students participate to complete challenges, learn science behind the activities and win prizes.  University/college students,  local community members and professionals lead the activities promoting role model relationship between the leads and the students.

The purpose of the Cascades Science Squad is to inspire youth to reach their full potential in STEM by providing them with access to fun hands on activities, knowledgeable activity leads and a supportive out-of-school informal environment that encourages their creativity.   The program enables the STEM professionals to share their knowledge with the community, develop their teaching and mentoring skills and better understand the educational issues facing youth.

Want to become a Science Squad activity lead? Click here for more information.

View and Events for the Science Squad schedule.

Science Activities Club

Status: Under consideration in our long range planning

This is a permanent facility where the students, families and professionals come together to create various scientific innovations through material provided by us.   Our unique delivery learning method will provide opportunities for students to succeed in collaborative learning and problem solving through inquiry-based, hands-on science activities and projects.  The facility will also host lectures, conferences, science fairs and other events to promote awareness of STEM disciplines and related careers.  There will be mechanism for local Science, IT and engineering grown-ups (high school students, university students and professionals) to sign-up as role models and provide mentorship to students.